EYES ON FREMONT frame of the week: Meet the “MOTOR PLACE”

We like to start the week on a high note. In our eyes, it makes for the perfect opportunity to get you better acquainted with the models of our new eyewear collection. In the coming weeks we will showcase a different model & color from the line… so, stay tuned!
 This frame style is named after the landmark cross-street off of Fremont ave North where we have been conveniently located for the past 17 years. “Upper Fremont” was once a modest, sleepy neighborhood that has recently flourished into a hub of shops & eateries. 

The color, “MATTE EMERALD TORT” should be an obvious reference to the Emerald City’s inclination to opt for classic, earthy color schemes. 

The Motor Place in Matte Emerald tort is our best seller to date. 
And, at the exceptional package price of $175 (remember, that includes a set of standard Rx lenses!), why wouldn’t it?
 If you like what you see, I wouldn’t sit on this one- quantities are limited and selling fast!

As seen in The Stranger ads, December 2013