Getting to know your EOF Optician: What Powers Mayann through the Day

How Long with Eyes on Fremont: 

Mayann is currently the longest standing employee of EOF– rounding the corner of 14 years! She has had the advantage of witnessing the evolution of this special little shop- through all of its turnover and growth, she’s proud to have been a part of the process. 

Her EOF “Specialty”: 

If there is anyone fitted to the term “jack of all trades” it would be Mayann. She has had a hand (and foot) in most operations around the shop; from dispensing & customer satisfaction, to lab support, handling bills and consignment accounts, assisting in frame selection and design, and social media networking… she enjoys the wide range of tasks that helps EOF thrive.

l to r: Hip Hop Family Tree- Hip Hop culture comic book, Dj Shadow/Cut Chemist & Childish Gamibino concert stubs, KBL Christa Bell gold glasses, Frye art museum membership flyer, her 1st passport, Booth & Bruce black square rims with silver top bar, concert stubs from The Roots, Wu Tang concerts. Center pieces are her own jewelry designs by Ate Collective.

Mayann’s current preoccupations & passions:

Mayann has a passion for music and art– her past times almost always include attending live music shows and supporting the art scene around Seattle.  Everything from Hip Hop/rap to indie rock, to jazz & experimental electronica to DJ sets, tends to draw her interest & you will most likely run into her at any live gathering that involves local art & fashion. 
When she’s not grinding away at work or the gym, she loves metal fabrication and wears a lot of her own handmade jewelry pieces. Danaca Design in the University District is a place she really enjoys learning the metalsmithing process. 

She has currently has ambitions of learning dance and traveling around the world, seeing as many places as possible!