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We are open! For COVID-19 updates - click here.

Alicia is the perfect example of someone who can pull off a multitude of frame styles. And when it came to picking out new glasses we definitely had more than one favorite, in fact we ended up with two. The green metal frames show off the color in her eyes so well its like they were made for her (click on the picture for a closer view):


And the plastic cat eyes have a more subtle color, but a striking shape and style that flatter her natural beauty so well that well, they were made for her too!


We love how different the two pairs are, one is a very modern metal frame in an amazing color and matte finish. The other is a classic inspired cat eye with enough modern detail in the color and shape that it is both timeless and current. Add in the second pair discount and its a match made in heaven. Alicia, we hope you love them!