Getting to know your EOF Optician: A few of Elizabeth’s Favorite Things

Optician: Elizabeth aka “Gus”

How long with EOF: 6 1/2 years

EOF specialty: Elizabeth has been a dispensing optician for 10 years; her laid-back, friendly attitude makes her a natural with a diversity of customers/patients. She is proficient with her hands and enjoys handling the bulk of our lab work! She IS the one who makes your glasses!

What Gus can’t live without: Having a deep appreciation of the esoteric world, she is specifically inspired by things like sacred geometry and platonic solids. Gus loves studying patterns and symmetry in nature, and finds solace in spiritual elements in Buddhism, such as the Green Tara- Bodhisattva of “compassion in action”.

Inspirations: Sacred Geometry, symmetry in nature, crystal healing energy, Buddhist Green Tara medicine.

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