Customers around the Shop: Wen Arto!!!!

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Wen Arto is one of our favorite long-time loyal patrons (and fabulous friend!) of EOF. 

Beyond his outgoing, boisterous personality, what we appreciate so much about Wen is his bold confidence in styling! Wenarto is notorious for donning cool & unique glasses everyday & we adore him for sharing in the enthusiasm of special eyewear collections- especially this Valley Eyewear style!
To all of our Patrons and Friends of EYES ON FREMONT, have a wonderful NEW YEAR- We appreciate you! 

Celebrate & give thanks 🙂

Check out this much coveted collection on the fashion rise, VALLEY EYEWEAR

As an independent optical shop with a unique vision of our own, we are enthusiastic about making connections & supporting eyewear companies such as this intriguing sunglass line from Australia. To us, the backstory is just as important as the product. 


Meet Australian Eyewear designer,  Michael Crawley- part of the mastermind duo behind VALLEY EYEWEAR. Together with his wife Tenielle, they design & curate this collection with an idealistic vision of what a really cool, high quality pair of glasses should be.  

Michael was frustrated with the sunglass market & its lack of good quality-cutting edge fashion offerings, so he basically drafted up the dream pair himself at a time when both him and his wife were on the search for new career ventures. As a matter of fact, according to Tenielle, his first design was drawn one night freehand on the kitchen counter! Way to cook up a dream pair of sunglasses…!

Here are a few of the newest Ophthalmic designs from the collection that we have in stock:

The aesthetic is a bold & confident, deftly edgy interpretation of classic eyewear lines…

Their fashion-forward looks have won the attention of celebrities such as Kat von D, Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, Katie Homes, & Marilyn Manson, as well as collaboration interests with some famed designers such as custom hat designer, Kick Fouquet in LA.


Check out Valley eyewear’s ultra-cool website where you can view some of their designs & collaborative work, and some of the more impressive Optical art music videos we’ve seen: