This week we present one of our fave tributes to a very special Fremont Landmark:

We wanted this model to be the quintessential masculine frame, the ideal boxy square-rim in a color more reminiscent of “typical Seattle day” than the classic black you would expect. It’s the everyday, any-way-you-want-to-wear-it frame style that looks great on dudes or gals, in a clear set or as sunglasses (maybe you recall Ross, wearing “The Troll” in a tinted sunglass a few weeks back). Very much like the Fremont Troll’s presence in Fremont, this popular frame model has some real staying power.
The Fremont Troll & his precious VW Bug
Photo borrowed from it’s Wikipedia page 

The Fremont Troll is our neighborhood’s pride & joy– it is one of the most visited attractions of Seattle. It was erected in 1990 by a group of 4 Seattle artists who submitted the concept to a contest held by the Fremont Arts Council in order to help re-vamp the area around the Aurora Bridge, which is built upon part the lower Fremont area.
For a notable account of the Fremont Troll, visit The Fremont blog:

A 360 degree view of the Fremont’s Troll:,0.00,80.0