Customers around the Shop: Stephanie

DSC 8999
Stephanie just helped define the “modern classic” eyewear style for the current season! This thin Parisian plastic has staying power to transcend trends, but maintains a stylish presence, making this pair a great eyewear investment….

Now for something fresh: NAO NED frame arrivals!

We always get a bit excited when we receive another shipment from Parisian designer NAO NED. Look at these! How can we not? NAO NED is one of those independent collections whose distinct curation we really appreciate- it straddles the line between funky/quirky & classically tailored. 

DSC 6034
Dual tones on these distinct yet, perennial styles

DSC 6013
Acetate rims on painted metal strives for interesting, yet wearable contrasts
DSC 6028
Updated classic metals with a true saddle bridge