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These Italian matte grey frames make a lasting statement on a gal who really knows how to make an impression! Faris rocks this bold silhouette flawlessly….

If you don’t already know her out & about the urban circuit, it should be noted, Faris Du Graf is an extremely talented Jewelry Designer.  

faris jewelry
A few new pieces from Faris Du Graf’s “Tropical Modernism” collection.
Images borrowed from www.stylebakery.com

 Faris’ edgy jewelry collection is coveted in the fashion world; her name is quickly becoming prominent in the design/art scene spanning from Seattle to the Bay Area to New York. We at EOF, are personally obsessed with her vision and aesthetic! 

Check her out on this Vimeo artist profile here: 

Faris’ fantastic wares can be found at boutiques all over the city, in the Frye Art Museum Shop, or at her website, www.farisfaris.com

Photo borrowed from www.hitchcockmadrona.com

Adorn yourself supremely & shop local! 
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