We are excited to announce we are now open. For our latest updates on COVID-19 click here.

We are open! For COVID-19 updates - click here.

We first ran into Craig Cundiff’s art at the Alibi Room, every person in the paintings had glasses. It was love at first sight. It took us awhile to track him down because by the time we actually contacted the Alibi Room about the paintings they had already moved on to their next location. A google search, a facebook search and a couple of emails/days later we were able to find Craig’s blog and arrange for a meeting with the artist himself. Unfortunately all of the original pieces were sold, but fortunately for us Craig was willing and able to do a couple of pieces just for us. He dropped them off today and we couldn’t be happier. They will add the perfect pop of color on our walls. Drop by to check them out, or check out some of Craig’s non-glasses related art at The Porch Light while its still there!