Yes, Eyeglass shopping CAN be cool AND Fun

 While you’re in, grab the polaroid camera & snap a selfie so we can add it to our polaroids wall. On the way out, help yourself to a free pin from our candy dispenser- if you’re lucky you can score one of the 24ct gold plated pins.  Glasses shopping has never been so much fun….

NY 2011….

Look it’s Stan and Nate on top of the Empire State Building. That must mean one thing…Yes, it was New York Show this past week. Of all the times Stan has been to NYC, this was his first trip to the top of the iconic edifice. You guys probably don’t care too much about that though, so here’s the real scoop:

Shapes: One of the biggest trends seen this year was the softening of shapes. There were lots of rounds and ovals that were there. At the show, and around the happening streets of Manhattan, you would see these softer shapes, even the basic rectangles seemed to round off just a bit. Shapes are still getting a little bit larger as well, bust still not to the enormous 70’s/80’s big. Most of the size increase seems to be from top to bottom of the frames.

Color: This is a good time for color in glasses. Colors have never been so well matched or intricate. A big thing to note was blocking of colors. Say a tortoise front of the frame with navy temples, no stripes, no patterns, just two well paired blocks of colors. On the flip side there were also a number of new sandwiched plastic laminates. Many times these would be in colors that were not new, but put together in new ways. The advent of fade colors to metal frames is also here (some are en route to Eyes on Fremont as this is being written.) For the most part color is working itself into more daily styles.

Overall: NY 2011 was a great show. It seemed like the designers were excited with what they were doing. Also there seemed to be a big push against the cheesey bling bling looks of the world…needless to say Eyes on Fremont has never been to big into the Bling Bling…lol. New posts will follow as soon as the new shipments start to arrive.