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Most eyeglasses are made and distributed by just a few giant “evil empire” companies. Their opacities are rapidly eliminating the general public’s choices. Eyes on Fremont is taking a stand against this. When you buy glasses from Eyes on Fremont, know that you are supporting small independent companies striving for transparency.

Eyes on Fremont

Stan Jonasson and Linda Jangaard


Eyes on Fremont opened for business on Halloween day, 1996. Stan Jonasson and wife Linda Jangaard started Eyes on Fremont based upon a vision for a different kind of retail optical store.

A month before opening, Stan was in Paris at the annual eyewear tradeshow looking for Eye on Fremont’s opening frame selection. The idea was to work directly with designers in order to offer the highest quality frames with uncompromised stylings, while keeping prices reasonable. He accomplished the mission, and Paris is still a major buying trip every year. Since Eyes on Fremont works directly with designers, you will often find things ahead of current eyewear trends, from both a fashion and function point of view.

Also very close to the store’s core values is a strong sense of community. Eyes on Fremont is a proud supporter of Public Radio, Real Change, Seattle Central Community College Opticianary Program, and a number of other local fundraising events and programs benefiting arts and education. Eyes on Fremont is proud to be, and proud to support local and independent business.


Eyes on Fremont stocks over 4,000 hand-selected frames. Working with vendors from around the world, we are able to curate a selection of frames that caters to every fit, taste, and Rx need.


Every pair of glasses is thoughtfully fabricated for each unique Rx and frame combination. Onsite, skilled Opticians interpret both functional and aesthetic variables to produce the finest quality eyewear available.

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  • Licensed Opticians and experienced staff always available for personalized frame selection
  • Premium quality lens technology for all Rx ranges
  • On-site lab
  • Lifetime adjustments & maintenance of glasses
  • Same day service or fast turnaround for most prescriptions
  • Sports & safety, frame and lens combinations


  • Custom-made sun clips
  • Nose pad arm add-ons
  • Vintage frame refurbishing and Rx services
  • Cable temple conversions
  • Basic soldering repairs
  • Custom lens shapes and tints
  • Custom rhinestone setting and replacement
dr fast polariod
Eyes On Fremont Staff Dr Kwon


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The independent optometrists of C Fast Optometry at Eyes on Fremont work hand in hand with our opticians to provide premium eye care to each and every patient. They specialize in primary care and contact lens fittings. Additionally, they have experience in low vision and pediatrics.

For more information about C Fast Optometry, including a list of accepted insurances go to

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Phone:  206-634-3375
Address:  4254 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98103

Hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm
Sat 10am – 5pm


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